VAT consultancy for businesses

Although VAT is a complex tax, there’s one aspect that’s makes perfect sense: as a transaction tax, exploring VAT efficiency ahead of the transaction is crucial to achieving the best possible commercial outcome.

At UK VAT Advice, we can provide businesses and other clients, including charities and other not-for-profit organisations, with bespoke VAT advice designed to maximise the effectiveness of a one-off transaction or the best VAT arrangements for ongoing business arrangements, including overseas trade.

By bringing us on board at an early stage, our intervention can deliver significant savings as well as helping clients to avoid potential VAT pitfalls from a complex or significant transaction.

We can also conduct VAT audits to identify areas of a business or other organisation where changes can be made to save money, correct weaknesses and reduce risks, while always maintaining compliance with the VAT regime.

We can also offer consultancy advice on how best to work within legislative frameworks to maximise VAT efficiency while avoiding costly penalties and minimising any potential for future problems.

For more information on how UK VAT Advice can help you, please contact us.