International VAT issues

The issue of international VAT rules is hugely complicated, with more than 130 countries having implemented their own VAT regimes.

For businesses involved in the international supply of goods and services, or structuring multinational businesses, specialist advice is crucial.

UK VAT Advice is ideally placed to assist firms already involved in cross-border trade or those preparing to do business abroad. Key international VAT issues include:

  • VAT rating of goods exported outside the EU or to VAT-registered businesses within the EU
  • reclaiming VAT on goods imported from within or outside the EU
  • the place of supply for transactions between businesses involving goods or  services
  • accounting for VAT under the reverse charge
  • business to non-business supplies of services or goods
  • completing the EC Sales List (ESL) and filing with HM Revenue & Customers
  • claims for recovery of VAT incurred in other EU countries
  • VAT issues arising from e-commerce.

With the nature of what you supply affecting whether your services are liable to VAT in theUK, in another European Union country or outside the EU, we can advise and work with businesses to ensure that their VAT systems are operating correctly and compliantly and that they are meeting all their obligations in the most VAT-efficient manner.

For more information on how UK VAT Advice can help you, please contact us.