Linda Bailey, Executive Director, Ellingham Employment Services

Ellingham Employment Services decided to seek advice from Debra Dougal and her team because we are a charity with a range of VATable, exempt and zero-rated services and so we wanted the reassurance from experts that we were working in a compliant manner. We required a team behind us who understood what we did and the range of our services.

One of the benefits from working with Debra was that she was able to give us a great deal of support when we had a VAT Inspection several years ago. Since then she has provided an annual check on our returns, ensuring our de minimis & Capital Goods Scheme claims are correct. The greatest benefit is knowing that we have a team of experts we can call on with any VAT query we may have. 

The team provide fantastic on-going support we know can rely on; one recent instance is the VAT advice we received around a large Lottery grant we received to construct a new building for our clients. Debra provided invaluable advice in our application for lottery funding to cover our non-recoverable VAT cost and in ensuring our quarterly claims to HMRC were correct, with her continuing oversight of the CGS annually.

Debra has extensive knowledge and we know we can rely on her to advice.  

We would highly recommend.

(Linda Bailey, Executive Director, Ellingham Employment Services)